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Gutters Downpipes and Leafguards

Roofing Central use coloured aluminium mesh gutter protection. This stops leaves, debris and embers entering the roof gutter, downpipes and storm water system. This extends the life of the gutter system and prevents fuel build up within the gutters. When bushfires threaten to rain burning embers on the roof, a clean gutter system, protected with a Aluminium mesh rated leaf guard, provides peace of mind.

  • Features include :
  • Saves time and money
  • Extends gutter life
  • Screen tank water
  • Suits all gutters
  • Stops all leaf entry
  • Reduces fire risk
  • Ideal bird proofing
  • Australian made
  • Australian owned
  • Product guarantee

Maintenance is simple. Inspect gutters annually and if necessary, hose through the mesh to remove any sediment. This prevents growth of moss and provides a clean water catchment system. Leaf Free Gutter Protection from Roofing Central

Gutter and down pipe systems

Gutter and down pipe systems installed by Roofing Central are made from ZINCALUME steel or COLORBOND steel and are available in arrange of profiles to suit any home design – contemporary to traditional. They offer excellent corrosion resistance with a durable and low maintenance paint finish.

  • Available in a range of stylish colours, or the clean good looks of ZINCALUME steel.
    Cost competitive and fast to install.
  • Simple aluminium rivet and sealant joining method gives professional results.
  • The silver – matt finish of gutters made from ZINCALUME steel can be easily painted without priming.
  • Oven – baked, painted surface on rainwater products COLORBOND steel will resist peeling, flaking – the result being reduced maintenance.
  • The protective alloy coating of ZINCALUME steel provides a life expectancy more than double that of ordinary galvanized steel providing value for money rainwater goods.

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